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Expectations (?)

I am not sure what I hope to learn from this social media class, except to try and make sense of it all, any why does it matter to me. Problems I am wrestling with is how can anyone keep all of these sites going and keep sane? If you watched your Twitter feed and respond to a few, kept up your blog on your perspective on life, email, texting, Face book, etc (ad nausea)….where do you fit in your “real work” during the day. 

As an IT technology specialist for a high school with a population of over 1200 students (9 thru 12) with a generous mix of autistic and special Ed kids – administration and staff to troubleshoot for, my day is pretty full. Troubleshooting consumes my online time, searching for solutions to unique problems that only a school system would create. 

I would like to understand why having a Twitter account would be go to have or not. Blogs and Wiki’s are useful for posting various thoughts or helpful hints to followers who I would hope would be teachers. But the biggest obstacle a K-12 school setting is the restrictions imposed on the education community my State and local (i.e. school board, administration, etc) opinions. You tube (both good and bad) is unavailable; Twitter is off (texting on steroids); blogging is limited (too great a possibility of bullying); Facebook (no); texting (test cheating, classroom distractions); cell phones (too easy to post fights, dress code violations, anything capturable by the camera in the phone); etc, etc, etc. 

Opinion (baring neck) – It sometimes feels as though the University community is living in a bubble. Isolated from the real world. Eagerly trying out all of the new wonders of the moment, touting their greatness…only to discard them for the next great wonder. While in the K-12 and corporate arenas, these new wonders are regarded in suspicion. Tested on a remote island of the K-12/corporate world before limiting their possible use. 

Don’t misunderstand me, as I can ramble on occasion, I think Technology is great, a fun time can be had by all….but this Technology is evolving faster than most humans can grasp the basics, let alone become a “master”. Some will shine brighter with their understanding and use, while the most of us struggle with a lame attempt to use the latest technology, just to keep up appearances. 



About chhstechspec

Technical Specialist for the Cape Henlopen High School, Cape Henlopen School District in Lewes, DE. Working toward a Masters degree in Educational Technology at the University of Delaware.

5 responses to “Expectations (?)

  1. Mike Fern


    I agree with your conundrum regarding balancing keeping all these social media (one’s own) up to date as well as checking in with others’. Also, Is a Twitter account (for example) really worth it? A lot of what I’ve seen, read, observed about Twitter is that it gets people into trouble (see any number of Olympians last month) or really has nothing of substance (what can you REALLY say in 140 characters or less?). Of course, that may be colored by the (traditional) media coverage these snafus and gaffes have received. Hopefully, this course will help all of us figure out how to intelligently and responsibly use these new social outlets.

    I also like the theme you chose for your page. I tried it out, but ultimately went with a different one.

    See you in class on Monday.


  2. Stacy Kotch-Jester ⋅

    Hi Sam! I use to live down your way. A friend of mine works at your school… Candy Brown 🙂 I am looking forward to meeting you in class.

  3. Hello Sam,
    I admire that you “bared your neck”. I think you made some good points about how fast everything is changing. I agree with Mike’s comment and I too hope to have a better understanding of how to approach the new social media presence in our lives.
    See you in class!

  4. Hi Sam – While, generally speaking, I agree with you, I also have to believe there must be at least *some* SN tools that show promise in providing meaningful interaction with my students. I don’t believe that all the tools would be useful all the time, instead, it may be possible to choose the correct tool(s) for a particular outcome. I am cautiously optimistic.

    BTW I graduated from Cape…in ’85. Is Kevin L. still a history teacher there?

    • William, The biggest obstacle in using the SM tools is their availability (those that are not blocked by the state). I just don’t know if middle and HS students are up to the responsibility of interacting on blogs, twitter, etc. It’s an experiment that some teachers would like to pursue.

      Kevin L, passed away at the end of summer.

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